6wishes…..5 wishes



I wish I loved to take pictures and talk about apertures and frames and the latest lens in town

My friend Lexeicharles would have smiles all over his face 😉

I wish I loved to make people up for important occasions of their lives

I would be just like Tara Durotoye

I wish I loved to act in the limelight of a camera,

My greatest fulfillment would have been casting alongside Denziel Washington.

I wish I could really stay put in a laboratory to practice my course of study (Microbiology),

I wish I could survive a session of ballet lessons

5 wishes I have, but there is one thing I could never wish for

That another passion apart from this would consume me;

To see the photographer, the makeup artist, the superstar A-list actor, and everyone neck deep in their zones of spur have something to eat, cleaning off that sweat, at the table with a happy family, after the day’s work!

I love to plant, I love to cultivate, and I love the farm!


Welcome to the diaries of this young farm girl!


I am pretty excited about this blog because i have always looked forward to a means of expressing my excitement about farming and every tiny bit of beauty associated with it. From digging into the soil to plant seedlings to watching the very first leaves; so tiny and amazing spring forth. Then, the leaves and most importantly the flowers coming up. It kinda reminds me of how life is lived from craddle to adulthood. Plus the sweet smell of varieties of leaves, flowers and trees; each unique and invigorating!

Isn’t it awesome how nature gives you something to be happy about with each passing day!

Am so excited because this is just a perfect means to indulge everyone into the world of beautiful happenings.

If you want to live happy,

if you want to enjoy nature,

live on a farm or just own one!

(photo: by lens of a farm girl)