6wishes…..5 wishes



I wish I loved to take pictures and talk about apertures and frames and the latest lens in town

My friend Lexeicharles would have smiles all over his face 😉

I wish I loved to make people up for important occasions of their lives

I would be just like Tara Durotoye

I wish I loved to act in the limelight of a camera,

My greatest fulfillment would have been casting alongside Denziel Washington.

I wish I could really stay put in a laboratory to practice my course of study (Microbiology),

I wish I could survive a session of ballet lessons

5 wishes I have, but there is one thing I could never wish for

That another passion apart from this would consume me;

To see the photographer, the makeup artist, the superstar A-list actor, and everyone neck deep in their zones of spur have something to eat, cleaning off that sweat, at the table with a happy family, after the day’s work!

I love to plant, I love to cultivate, and I love the farm!


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